Our Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

Firstly, rest assured that Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, is NOT surgery. SMP (Also known as Scalp Tattoo and Hair Tattoo) is the generic name for a lightly invasive process that uses tiny ink impressions placed on the scalp to create the look of a full, robust head of hair at scalp level. Each impression resembles an individual hair follicle, and the effect is so realistic and low-maintenance that some clients choose to have the procedure even before they experience thinning or baldness. Results may vary from individual to individual depending on skin type.
This is not a tattoo! by industry standards or expectations. The only similarity is that colour is applied into your skin, so if you see ANY tattoo studio or artist offering a similar service, without the specific qualifications, knowledge and insurances, you are open to many a risk.  SMP is an entirely different technique practiced by trained SMP professionals and using uniquely different pigments. It utilises different techniques with purpose specific, industry leading equipment.


What people say about us

Excellent treatment by Natalie. I’d never had any treatment done before and she was understanding and honest, as well as highly professional. I will go back!
Aina Gómez Pizá
Aina Gómez P.
13:12 25 Jun 19
Natalie and her skills and professionalism makes me recommend her to others . As a 48 year old, that is feeling old, I felt like a new and younger woman. Also, as a person in the beauty industry myself where standards are very high, I am very picky. But was not disappointed. Natalie was well groomed and her rooms were spotless. She carried out a very thorough consultation and after, a faultless and amazing treatment left me bowled over with the results . A very easy person to talk to as though we had known each other for ages, she puts you at your ease like a life long friend. Cannot wait for the next time ! Thank you Natalie X
Annie Byton
Annie B.
20:23 30 May 19
Had a bespoke facial and derma-planing, Natalie was super friendly and did a really good job. She provides really great unbiased advice and you don’t feel pressured to pay for unnecessary treatment. My skin feels much better and I will definitely be returning 😊
Annabelle Ditton
Annabelle D.
08:43 13 May 19
Went to see Natalie she was professional, curtious and put me at ease. A clean professional set up with great treatment options and excellent aftercare procedures. Highly recommend.
Clare Goldsmith
Clare G.
11:40 29 Apr 19
I had the most amazing derma planing facial with Natalie at the clinic, my face feels refreshed and de fuzzed I’m sure my fine lines are less noticeable and my make up sits on my skin so much nicer... I’ll be back again in 6 weeks! So relaxing, which was the main reason I opted for a facial but the unexpected skin Benefits are a bonus .
Vintage Vera
Vintage V.
18:49 22 Apr 19
I cant believe just how easy and quick it was to remove 3 skin tags under one of my arms, that have been driving me mad for years! Truly thankful and worth every single penny! xx
Veronica Lane
Veronica L.
09:32 08 Mar 19
I had a wonderful experience at the the CCC - Natalie and Bradley are so welcoming. The (micro-needling) treatment was friendly and Natalie is ever the professional. It takes place in clean and very comfortable environment. I would highly recommend their services for all your aesthetic needs or just a wonderful pamper! 5+ stars!
Sarah Maciocci
Sarah M.
18:00 01 Mar 19
Fantastic! Thankyou 🙂
Tim Selby
Tim S.
13:30 06 Feb 19
Had my first micro needling session yesterday with Natalie. I had the Signature Facial and oh my goodness already, today my skin is softer, looks luminous and feels amazing!! Shame I have to wait 4 weeks for my next one!!
Lydgia Parratt
Lydgia P.
11:41 01 Feb 19
Im so so pleased with my experience at Cambridge Contour Clinic - from first contacting them on the phone, to leaving after my first treatment, it was all fantastic! I felt I was in more than capable hands the whole way through, with all questions being clearly and thoroughly answered, and learning so much along the way...they clearly know their stuff! Would highly recommend, and ive already booked in for my next treatment 🙂 Thank you Cambridge Contour Clinic
Sarah Todd
Sarah T.
20:40 28 Jan 19
I went to Cambridge Contour Clinic to get my brows micro-bladed and I’m so glad I chose Natalie to do them. Natalie is so very kind and makes you feel at ease during the whole process. She gives you so much information and makes sure you’re 100 % ready to go forward, highlighting the small risks and goes through paperwork to make sure you’re the perfect candidate to go through with the procedure. Once agreed she helps pick the perfect shade for your brows and listens to your wishes and wants and tries to best replicate your words onto your brows. It’s a very collaborative process and she really takes into account your wants while also giving her expert opinion. Anyone that may be sceptical about getting them done I would say do your research, pick the right place for you, make sure they’re fully certified and are going to be using clean instruments on your face and know that while there is some pain it’s practically a pain free process and not as bad as everyone thinks. Whether that’s to do with Natalie and her precise strokes I have no clue but the whole process was very pleasant and I will be going back, should I need a second retouch or any other treatment. I’m now in the process of them being healed and I can’t wait to see my new brows in all their glory. Couldn’t recommend this place enough, thanks so much Natalie!! Xxx
Claudia Collins
Claudia C.
08:29 26 Jan 19
For any guys out there considering microblading don’t hesitate in giving these guys a call , totally professional & everything is thoroughly explained beforehand so you know exactly what to expect
Neil Shepherd
Neil S.
19:20 26 Nov 18
As a beauty therapist I rarely trust anyone with my face. After being recommended Nat by a colleague I couldn't wait to finally try the dermaplaning facial. Nat is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and was happy to answer all of my questions before during and after the treatment. As part of the treatment I also had the LED light therapy mask. Something I've wanted to try for a long time. It was bizarrely relaxing and the results are fantastic. My face after just 1 day already looks noticeably fresher, cleaner and peach fuzz free. I am happy to say that I am now hooked on this treatment and already looking forward to my treatment next month!
Samantha Eaton
Samantha E.
19:36 23 Nov 18
I can only but compliment Natalie on a fabulous job. She is professional and it didn't hurt in the slightest. The healing was quick after my first appointment and I have just returned from my retouch appointment which went smoothly and again was painless. A very clean clinic and a friendly atmosphere and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you Natalie and I absolutely love my eyebrows.
Ingrid Ovenstone
Ingrid O.
16:59 10 Oct 18
Cambridge Contour Clinic and their 5 star service and treatment! Having had many facials before, my experience at Cambridge Contour Clinic excelled these! I was made to feel at ease and had a fantastic treatment plan arranged and discussed after having a very informative, professional and friendly consultation. I would highly recommend and can not wait to have further treatments here!
Natasha Westbury
Natasha W.
12:08 27 Sep 18
5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Natalie is amazing & very professional. I’ve recently had Dermaplaning & my skin feels so soft & smooth. I’ve now booked to have microneedling in October! Thank you Natalie xx
Becky White
Becky W.
12:36 24 Sep 18
Just had my first micro blading experience and I am so happy!! Absolutely love them!! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait for my touch up appointment next month 😍
Sophie Kate Silvester
Sophie Kate S.
19:10 14 Sep 18
I needed to have my eyebrows re-coloured after taking the plunge to have them microbladed in 2017 and decided to try Cambridge Contour Clinic having researched some more local clinics than the one I used last year. I am delighted with the results and even more delighted that the procedure was almost pain free, as the first time I had them done elsewhere, it was very uncomfortable. Natalie took time to explain the procedure and ensured that the pain level was very minimal - which it was. I'm so pleased to have found a personable and professional expert in microblading that I can trust, and the results are really excellent. Thank you Natalie and also to Brandon who dealt with my initial enquiry and took time to allay my concerns about the potential discomfort. Alisia
Alisia OS
Alisia O.
21:28 03 Sep 18
Natalie is an absolute pro! She really took the time to explain the ins and outs of the microblading procedure after which she then carefully curated a perfect brow look for me paying extra attention to fine details and symmetry of the brows.She then absolutely nailed the finish of the brows and is a very talented artist. Thank You Natalie for giving me my perfect browsxX
Sara Yasaee
Sara Y.
13:02 16 Aug 18
I never thought I would go for eyebrow blading but I have to say I received a professional service where everything was discussed in details and I felt my preferences were considered. I would recommend the Contour Clinic to anyone who wants to make sure they receive the best service and end up happy with the outcome and of their treatment
Jackie Wilks
Jackie W.
17:10 30 Jul 18
I recently had a Dermaplaning treatment with Cambridge Contour Clinic followed by an LED light therapy treatment and it was 100% worth it! It's just given my skin a whole new lease of life; I feel like I'm benefiting so much more from my skincare products than I was previously and the cherry on top was the friendly service - they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and comfortable. Thank you so much CCC, you will certainly be seeing me again!
Stephanie Swan
Stephanie S.
23:04 15 Jul 18
I've spent years feeling insecure about my patchy eyebrows and hours trying to fill them in, but thanks to Cambridge Contour Clinic I no longer have to worry! Natalie offers an extremely professional service from start to finish. I felt completely informed about the entire microblading procedure at my consultation. I had all of my questions answered and any nerves put at ease straight away, as it is clear that Natalie is very knowledgable and cares about her clients. There wasn't any stage where I felt rushed into making decisions as Natalie really took her time to ensure that I was 100% happy and comfortable throughout the process. I'm delighted with the results and completely surprised by how virtually pain-free the procedure is. Thank you so much, Natalie - I will definitely be recommending Cambridge Contour Clinic to everyone I know and I'm looking forward to returning again in the future.
Jodi Gipp
Jodi G.
14:59 14 Jul 18
Had my eyebrows microbladed after years of being unhappy with them, years of trying every eyebrow pencil, powder and gel. I could not be happier. They look incredible! Natalie was a star from start to finish and even though I was extremely nervous she took the time to put me completely at ease. I have never been so confident with my eyebrows. Thank you so much!
Bex Williams
Bex W.
16:36 15 May 18
Friendly service from beginning to end! Very professional and answered any questions I had without making me feel silly.Would highly recommend! My skin has never felt better from the treatments I’ve had so far!
Katie Harper
Katie H.
18:00 28 Mar 18

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How long will it last

Our SMP will last approximately 5 years with good skin care, results may vert from individual to individual depending on skin type, skin care, health and lifestyle.  We guarantee our SMP for 24 months from your first appointment to insure that all reasonable efforts have been made to give you the best SMP look possible.


How much will it cost

Please see our pricing guide below, these are inclusive of all FOUR appointments* Payment plans available.

Your visits will consist of the following:

  • Consultation
  • Treatment one - Laying down the foundation, this can include shape, style and density. This is really about building the template and getting it just right.
  • Treatment two - Defining and density work, this will be where your SMP will look more like the end result.
  • Treatment three - assessment and refining, where we ensure that your SMP looks as good as it possibly can and meets the highest of standards


Due to the nature of SMP, it is difficult to accurately quote for your treatment without a face-to-face consultation. We therefore always recommend an initial consultation before booking SMP with us. The cost for all consultations is £40.00, and if you do decide to go ahead this is redeemable against your treatment.

Mens Scalp Micropigmentation Pricing Guide

Norwood 2
£950 - £1,900
4 Appointments
Norwood 3
£1,150 - £2,300
4 Appointments
Norwood 4
£1,350 - £2,700
4 Appointments
Norwood 5
£1,600 - £3,200
4 Appointments
Norwood 6
£1,750 - £3,500
4 Appointments
Norwood 7
£1,900 - £3,800
4 Appointments



Womens Scalp Micropigmentation Pricing Guide

Savin 1-1 to 1-2
£1,050 - £2,100
4 Appointments
Savin 1-3 to 1-4
£1,250 - £2,500
4 Appointments
Savin 2-1 to 2-2
£1,450 - £2,900
4 Appointments
Savin 3
£1,700 - £3,400
4 Appointments
Savin Frontal
£1,850 - £3,700
4 Appointments
£2,000 - £4,000
4 Appointments


Other Prices

Facial Hair
£600 - £1,500
£2,650 - £5,300
4 Appointments
Scale N° Plus £1,500
4 Appointments
3rd Party Corrections
Scale N° Plus £2,000
4 Appointments
Hairline Alterations
From £600
4 Appointments
From £400
From £400
Per Hour

Scalp Micropigmentation Components

A thorough consultation is carried out before any treatment here at Cambridge Contour Clinic. It is an opportunity for us to fully discuss your specific concerns, run through a health questionnaire to ensure you are suitable for treatment, and answer any questions you may have

Our fully trained Scalp Micropigmentation Artist will work with you in choosing the style, size, colour and shape of your desired look.  After which our Scalp Micropigmentation Artist will diligently, by hand, craft perfect imprints of pigment to replicate naturally full hair follicles, mimicking a full head of hair, natural hairline or masking the thinning of hair


Scalp Micropigmentation is minimally invasive, and therefore the healing period is relatively quick. You are able to get back to your day to day activities immediately after your treatment, with each session being visibly healed within 5-7 days. The first day following a session, you may experience a slight inflammation of the scalp. It may be reddish in appearance with a slight tenderness when touched, with this fading by the second or third day. Micro scabs will then form on the treated area and the pigments will appear more vivid, and these generally last a few days before they naturally exfoliate. You must resist the urge to pick any scabs as this will tamper with the healing process and may cause the pigments to heal patchy. Some itchiness should likewise be expected due to the drying of the area and the emergence of new skin. It takes approximately 1 week for the pigments to fully settle in the skin. Please note that actual recovery periods of clients will vary, and this is an approximate duration of the process

Inclusive Additional Sessions*

SMP is rarely completed in one session, and usually 2-3 sessions are required to fully complete the treatment your treatment cost is inclusive of these additional sessions so there is no need to worry. A minimum of 7 days are required between each session.


All our treatments here at Cambridge Contour Clinic conclude with aftercare advice, specific to the treatment received. This will aid you in getting the absolute most out of any treatment given, and allow you to fully reap the benefits in the days/weeks to follow.

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