Blood Testing Service

At Cambridge Contour Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of blood testing services, from full biomarker testing and close to 300 allergy tests to specific blood tests such as menopause, kidney function, testosterone and fertility. We also off a wide range of at-home blood testing kits.

Once you have booked your blood testing service at Cambridge Contour Clinic, your results will be emailed to you directly within 24-48 hours.


Once your appointment has been booked with us, we appoint a courier to deliver your sample to the lab, order necessary items/materials, and complete all necessary digital processing to make your appointment as swift and carefree as possible.


During your appointment, we will confirm all details with you before proceeding. All samples will be taken during the same appointment. If additional tests are requested at the time we will, of course, do our best to accommodate.

Special Courier Service

Your blood samples are sent to the medical lab using our courier service.

Your Results

Your results are emailed directly to you within two working days. Your results will be fully broken down with an explanation of each biomarker tested as well as any advice, if there is anything to note.



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